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ICET 2016 – 60th World Assembly


Teachers for a Better World: Creating Conditions for Quality Education. Pedagogy, Policy and Professionalism


ICET 2016 will focus on ideas, issues, challenges and practices relating to the improved quality of teachers and teaching. This 60th World Assembly will provide an interdisciplinary forum for educators, policy makers, researchers, NGOs, public/private stakeholders and learners to present papers and presentations on (but not limited to) the following strands:
  • Improving the preparation, lifelong growth and development of educators at all levels
    • pedagogy and practice in teacher education, professional development, continuous teacher learning, teacher leadership, preparation of  teacher educators, research perspectives on teaching and teachers
  • Preparing educators for tomorrow’s challenges
    • creating sustainable societies through Education for Sustainable Development, transformative teaching and learning, futures thinking, social learning, socio-ecological pedagogies
    • teaching and learning in a digital age, new technologies, new literacies, global connectivity,
  • Assuring teacher quality
    • issues relating to accountability, evaluation, accreditation, governance and program quality, policy, policy development
  • Closing the gap and building the teaching profession
    • issues of recruitment, retention, attrition and professionalization
  • Ensuring Inclusiveness
    • helping teachers embrace diversity and difference, closing gender gaps, special needs, exceptionalities, different sexualities

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ICET an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) with consultative status with the UNESCO Economic and Social Council. Our Board represents thought leaders in education from all regions of the globe.Choosing to be a member of ICET supports our advocacy work including the the elevation of the role of teachers  in documents like the Incheon Declaration,  the common and agreed post 2015 strategy also known as Education 2030: Towards inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all . The central role of teachers in the Quality Theme of the Forum and in the Final Declaration provides some insights into the impact of ICET's involvement in this process.

Choosing to become a paid member or registering for a World Assembly will also allow you to access member-only areas including the ICET Linked In Community. Institution and individual members in good standing can also enjoy benefits including discounts on car rentals and hotels. 

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ICET 60th World Assembly 
July 18 to July 21, 2016

The University of the West Indies
Kingston, Jamaica