Council on Education for Teaching

Improving educational experiences and outcomes in all parts of the world

Membership Information

Membership in ICET offers the international opportunity to network and share ideas and experiences with professionals around the world. ICET members are part of a worldwide effort to improve international understanding through educational development and to enhance the international dimension of teacher education. Membership is open to individuals, institutions, associations and government agencies that:

  • Are willing to share their educational expertise with counterparts around the world.
  • Have been, or are interested in becoming, involved in educational development worldwide.
  • Wish to assist in providing training programs for high level government and educational officials from other countries.
  • Can participate in needs assessment and program planning as members of international teams.

ICET Membership Benefits

Specific benefits of membership in ICET include the following:

  • Participation in the annual ICET World Assembly at reduced fees
  • Subscription to the ICET International Yearbook on Teacher Education
  • Subscription to the (approximately) quarterly electronic newsletter
  • Reduced rates on ICET publications
  • Information on low-cost educational travel programs and special flights in conjunction with the World Assembly
  • Announcements of special programs and activities in international education and regional and national conferences on education
  • Travel discounts with participating car rental and hotel companies

Registration for ICET Membership

To become a member, click here.  If you are already a member, click here.