Previous World Assemblies

#Year LocationTheme Yearbook Additional Publications 
01953Oxford* Parent-Teacher Co-operation (ICET was founded during the 1953 meeting of the World Federation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession- WCOPT)  
11954Oslo*Education for Teaching  
21955Istanbul*Status of the Teaching Profession  
31956Manila*The Teacher and the Well-being of Society  
41957Franfurt*Teacher Shortage  
51958Rome*Public Support for Education  
61959Washington*Mutual Appreciation of Eastern and Western Cultural values  
71960Amsterdam*Child Health and the School  
81961New Dehli*Education for Responsibility  
91962Stockholm*Education in a Technical Age  
101963Rio de Janiero*Conditions of Work for Quality Teaching  
111964Paris*Increasing International Understanding Through Teaching About the United Nations  
121965Addis Ababa*Equal Opportunity Through Education  
131966Seoul*Teachers Organizations in Educational Planning  
141967Vancouver*Professional Responsibilities of Teacher Organizations  
151968Dublin*Education and Human Rights  
161969AbidjanInternational Priorities for Teacher Education  
171970SydneyTeacher Education: The Challenge of the Seventies. International Perspectives on Theory and Practice.  
181971KingstonCrisis and Change in Teacher Education. International Perspectives on Theory and Practice.   
191972LondonInnovation Now! International Perspectives On Innovation In Teacher Education.  
201973NairobiNational And Community Needs:The Challenge For Teacher Education  
211974SingaporeInternational Perspectives of Teacher education: Innovations and Trends  
221975West BerlinInternational Perspectives of Teacher Education: Innovations and Trends  
231976WashingtonInternational perspectives of teacher education: Innovations and Trends  
241977LagosEducation for Development: International Perspectives on Expanding the Role of Teacher Education  
251978Rio de JaneiroThe Quest for Excellence in Teacher Education  
261979SeoulTeacher Education and National Development. International Perspectives on the Role of Teacher Education in Nation Building  
271980Mar del PlataThe Democratization of Education. International Perspectives on the Preparation of Educational Personnel  
281981CairoBasic Education for the Real World. International Perspectives on Human Resource Development  
291982RomePreparing For The Profession Of Teaching : International Perspectives On The Preparation Of Educational Personnel  
301983WashingtonThe Redesign of Teacher Education for the Twenty-First Century  
311984BangkokInnovations in Teacher Education : The Pursuit of Excellence  
321985Vancouver Education in the Information Age: The Impact on Teacher Education and Teaching  
331986KingstonCultural diversity and global interdependence: imperatives for teacher education  
341987EindhovenTeacher education and the world of work: new economic, social and professional imperatives for the 21stCentury  
351988SydneyProgress and Promise in Teacher Education  
361989 CairoImproving the Quality of Teacher Education: An International Perspective (Moved from Beijing due to politcal unrest)  
371990SingaporeImproving the Quality of the Teaching Profession  
381991LagosEducation For All: The Challenge of Teacher Education  
391992ParisTeacher education in an era of global change  
401993Rio de JaneiroPreparing Teachers to Preserve Life and Overcome Poverty  
411994IstanbulTeacher's Role as a Guide for Learning to Learn  
421995Bandar Seri BegawanTeaching tolerance for all: education strategies to promote global peace  
431996AmmanTeacher Education and School Reform   
441997MuscatPromoting quality teacher education for an interconnected world  
 1998No Assembly    
 1999No Assembly   
452000WindhoekTeacher Education In The New Millennium: The Quest For Excellence  
462001SantiagoTeacher Education And The Challenge Of Change  
472002AmsterdamTeacher Education And The Achievement Agenda  
482003MelbourneTeachers As Leaders: Teacher Education For A Global Profession  
492004Hong KongTeachers As Learners: Building Communities For Professional Development  
502005PretoriaTeachers As Change Agents: Identity, Autonomy & Accountability  
512006FortalezaLocal And Global Perspectives On Change In Teacher Education  
522007San DiegoBorders, Boundaries, Barriers & Frontiers: Promoting Quality In Teacher Education  
532008BragaLearning, Leading And Linking: The Impact Of Policy And Research Upon Practice  
542009MuscatMaintaining Strategic Agility: Managing Change And Assuring Quality In Education For Teaching  
 2010No Assembly    
552011GlasgowTeachers and Teacher Education: Towards excellence in curriculum, pedagogy and leadership  
562012Cape CoastInnovations and Trends in Education56th Yearbook of Teacher EducationInternationalising Education: Global Perspectives on Collaboration and Change
572013BangkokChanging Global Perspective on the Role of Teacher and Teacher Education57th Yearbook of Teacher Education 
582014Oshawa Moving Forward in Curriculum, Pedagogy and Leadership 58th Yearbook of Teacher Education 
592015NarutoChallenging disparities In Education59th Yearbook of Teacher Education 
602016KingstonTeachers for a Better World: Creating Conditions for Quality Education - Pedagogy, Policy and Professionalism60th Yearbook of Teacher EducationRedefining Teacher Education for the Post-2015 Era: Global Challenges and Best Practices
612017BrnoRe-thinking Teacher Professional Education: Using Research Findings for Better Learning61st Yearbook of Teacher Education 
622018LaredoExpanding Access and Exploring Frontiers62nd Yearbook of Teacher Education 
632019JohannesburgReconceptualising teacher education for the 4th Industrial Revolution and knowledge democracy: teaching beyond the 3Rs63rd Yearbook of Teacher Education Version 163rd Yearbook of Teacher Education Version 2
 2020Cancelled due to COVID-19
Global Teacher Voice Series Symposia held in lieu of World Assembly

Teacher Experiences & Practices during Covid-19
Teacher Voice Series Report launched
 Teacher Experiences & Practices During COVID-19
 2021Cancelled due to COVID-19   
642022Bath SpaBuilding Global Teacher Education Communities: international research-based collaboration  
652024BragaEnhancing the Teaching Profession Through Quality Teacher Education: Purpose, Policy and Practice in Times of Teacher Shortage  

*  Denotes World Assemblies conducted within the structure of the annual conference of the World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession (WCOTP), now know as Education International