Our Board

ICET Board Members subscribe to the purposes of ICET and make contributions to the improvement of the education of professional educators through research, teaching, and leadership in their country or region. They hold positions in schools, higher education, government or the private sector.

Board of Directors Executive Committee

President (5-Year Term)
James O'Meara (Term Ending  World Assembly 2022)
Professor, Dean, Texas A&M International 

Board Chairperson (2-Year Term)
Reyes Quezada (Term ending World Assembly 2019)
Professor, University of San Diego

Chairperson-Elect of the Board
Dr. Carol Hordatt Gentles (Term ending World Assembly 2019)
University of the West Indies

Immediate Past-Board Chairperson   (2-Year Term)       
David Mandzuk (Term Ending World Assembly 2019)
Dean, University of Manitoba

Regional Vice President Africa  (2-Year Term)

 Professor Maropeng Modiba (Second Term- through to World Assembly 2020 - pending approval 2019 Board Meeting)
University of Johannesburg
South Africa

Regional Vice President Arab States  (2-Year Term)


Regional Vice President-Australia / Asia / Pacific  (2-Year Term)
Dianne Cullen (through 2019 WA)
Australian Catholic University

Regional Vice President Latin America and the Caribbean  (2-Year Term)
Dr Martha Prata-Linhares (Second Term ending  2020 WA)
Universidade Federal Do Tringulo Mineiro

Regional Vice President-North America


Regional Vice President-Europe          
Roman varicek (Second Term ending  World Assembly 2021)
Masaryk University
Czech Republic

Board of Directors (3-Year Term)


Assoc. Professor Joseph Divala (First Term ending World Assembly 2019)
University of Johannesburg
South Africa

Mariana Coolican (First Term ending World Assembly 2020)
Social Protection Policy Specialist at UNICEF
Equatorial Guinea

Australia / Asia / Pacific

Dr. Sumalee Sungsri (First Term ending World Assembly 2020)
Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University


Professor Laila Niklasson (Second Term ending World Assembly 2021)
Mlardalen University

Dr.Sc. Joanna Madalinska-Michalak (First Term ending World Assembly 2020)
University of Warsaw

Dr. Linda La Velle ( First term ending World Assembly 2020)
Plymouth University
United Kingdom

Arab States

Dr Otherine Johnson Neisler (Second Term ending  World Assembly 2021)
Senior Research Consultant, Sultan Qaboos University

North America

Dr. Christy Tirrell-Corbin (First Term ending World Assembly 2021)
University of Maryland 

Dr. Deb Eldridge (First Term ending World Assembly 2021)
Academic Vice Presisent of Teachers College  Western Governors University

Latin America  and the Caribbean

Dr. Maria da Graa Mizukami (Second Term ending World Assembly 2018)
Presbyterian University Mackenzie & Federal University of So Carlos

Dr. Carol Hordatt Gentles (Second Term ending World Assembly 2021)
University of the West Indies

Ex Officio (Limit of 5)

Mapping Educational Specialist Know How (MESH)
UK (Term ending  World Assembly 2019)

Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) 
 UK (Term ending  World Assembly 2019)

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education 
(Term ending World Assembly 2021)