About ICET


The vision of ICET is that all learners have access to qualified and motivated educators who promote inclusive and equitable quality education for all


ICET works to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of learners in all parts of the world by connecting people and ideas to close the teacher gap.


The International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) is an international association of policy and decision-makers in education, government and business dedicated to global development through education. ICET provides programs and services that give its members access to a worldwide resource base of organizations, programs, specialized consultative services and research and training opportunities at the university level. It is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and participates in NGO meetings and other UNESCO-sponsored conferences around the world. ICET is a NGO in consultative status (Roster) with the Economic and Social Council.

Founded in 1953, ICET was part of a major cooperative effort by the world's education community to provide quality education for its citizens. Since then, ICET has continued to emphasize international cooperation in educational development to improve the quality of teacher education and to expand global educational opportunities. Scholars, administrator, practitioners from universities, colleges, departments and institutes of education as well as members of government ministries, the teaching profession and business leaders interested in educational development are invited to participate in ICET and share their ideas, research and experience with professionals from around the world.

ICET's Global Mission and Goals

  • To foster international cooperation for improving the quality of recruitment, preparation and support efforts for teachers, administrators and other education specialists through the development of national, regional and international networks.
  • To promote cooperation between higher education institutions, government and the private sector to develop a worldwide network of resources for innovative programs linked to the recruitment, preparation and retention of motivated and effective educators 
  • To provide an international forum for the exchange of information and the discussion about the way educators are recruited, prepared, certified and supported in different parts of the world.