International Cooperation

ICET  works to foster international cooperation for improving the quality of preparation of teachers, administrators and other education specialists through the development of national, regional and international networks.

The UNESCO Participation Programme represents our main avenue for international cooperation. This program functions as a vital complement to UNESCO’s regular activities by analysing, evaluating and facilitating the implementation of national, sub-regional, inter-regional and regional projects submitted by Member States and NGOs directly related to the activities of the Organization. Furthermore, it serves as a means employed by UNESCO to strengthen the partnership between the Organization and its Member States as well as between the Organization and Non-Governmental Organizations in official partnership with UNESCO. Thus the Participation Programme enhances the inclusive and generous spirit of UNESCO’s noble mission.


Project Report 
Classroom Connections Program – Malawi, Uganda, ZambiaUNESCO Participation Grant Final Report_2008_2010
Classroom connections: addressing needs and increasing research capacityUNESCO Participation Grant Final Report 2010-2012
Inter-regional workshop on promoting gender equity and a sustainable future for Africa through Sustainable Science and Tech and Innovation Education (STIE) Camps in Ghana UNESCO Participation Grant Final Report 2012-2014
Most Significant Stories: Promoting access, retention, and performance of girls in secondary educationUNESCO Participation Grant Final Report_2014_2016
The Pan-African Awards for Innovative Approaches for Supporting and Encouraging Girls and Women to Be Inspiring Teachers ProjectUNESCO Participation Grant Final Report_2017_2018 
The Pan-African Innovative Approaches for promoting access, retention and completion of secondary education for girls in Sub-Saharan AfricaUNESCO Participation Grant Concept Note