Why we do it

The leaders of ICET are committed to creating a world where all learners have access to qualified and motivated educators who promote inclusive and equitable quality education for all. Since 1953, ICET has been working to ensure every learner has access to a qualified and motivated educator. UNESCO has made the supply of well-trained, supported and qualified teachers one of its top priorities. This focus has been reinforced by Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education through the Education 2030 Framework for Action, which has a target calling for a substantial increase in qualified teachers through the betterment of their training, recruitment, retention, status, and motivation (Target 4.c).

In 2015, ICET was invited to join the International Taskforce on Teachers for Education 2030 to contribute to the global effort to provide quality teachers for all. Created in 2008, the Teacher Task Force is a voluntary global alliance and the only global platform of Education 2030 partners working together to address the ‘teacher gap’, the acute shortage of qualified teachers required to achieve Education 2030 targets and commitments.