Teachers for Education 2030

ICET and UNESCO's International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 

In 2015 ICET was formally recognized as a member of the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 Our acceptance into this select group creates a unique set of opportunities for our members to serve as advocates for, and facilitators of the coordination of international efforts to provide sufficient numbers of well qualified teachers to achieve Education for All (EFA) goals. The Task Force participates in and supports teacher development initiatives of policy-making and monitoring, knowledge production and resourcing as part of its overall vision of having qualified and well-resourced teachers are available and supported in all countries to create and enrich the learning opportunities of every child, youth and adult .

Key TaskForce Initiatives

  1. Global Action Week 
  2. World Teachers Day
  3. Call to Action: Empowering Teachers 

Main Lines of Action

Key Links 

TALIS Teacher Survey : provides basic information about the teaching workforce and the school environment
Expert roster: Apply to join UNESCO's expert roster 
Global Teacher Shortage - Teacher's Gap Map